Hat-Tricks in FIFA Women's World Cups

A Glance at Hat-Tricks in FIFA Women’s World Cups

In the nine editions of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, there have been 26 hat-tricks recorded, where a player scored three or more goals in a single match during the tournament (excluding qualification matches).

First and Latest Hat-trick in FIFA Women’s World Cup

The first hat-trick was scored by Carolina Morace of Italy against Chinese Taipei in the 1991 FIFA Women’s World Cup, while the most recent one (as of 30 July 2023) was by Sophie Román Haug of Norway against Philippines in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Hat-Tricks in FIFA Women's World Cups

Highest Hat-tricks in a Single Tournament

The 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada saw a remarkable record of six hat-tricks, the highest number in a single tournament. Noteworthy hat-tricks include Carli Lloyd’s exceptional performance in the 2015 final against Japan, which is the only hat-trick in a World Cup final during regular time, both in the women’s and men’s events. Michelle Akers and Alex Morgan stand out for their extraordinary achievements, as they are the only players to have scored five goals in a single World Cup match.

Several matches have seen two hat-tricks scored by players from the same team. In 1999, Sissi and Pretinha both achieved hat-tricks for Brazil against Mexico. Germany’s 2007 victory over Argentina witnessed Birgit Prinz and Sandra Smisek scoring hat-tricks. In the 2015 tournament, Germany again demonstrated their prowess, with Célia Šašić and Anja Mittag achieving hat-tricks against Ivory Coast, while Switzerland’s Fabienne Humm and Ramona Bachmann were the dynamic duo scoring six goals against Ecuador.

Fastest and Slowest Hat-tricks in FIFA Women’s World Cups

Some hat-tricks have set records for their speedy completion or prolonged duration. Fabienne Humm holds the record for the briefest hat-trick, scoring three goals in just five minutes for Switzerland against Ecuador in 2015. On the other hand, Ann Kristin Aarønes of Norway completed the longest hat-trick, with an interval of 89 minutes between her first and third goals against Canada in 1995.

Youngest and Oldest Player to Score Hat-tricks in FIFA Women’s World Cups

In terms of age records, Inka Grings became the youngest player to score a hat-trick at 20 years and 236 days, while Cristiane achieved the distinction of being the oldest player to score a hat-trick at 34 years and 25 days.

Hat-trick in World Cup Final

Carli Lloyd of the United States etched her name in history by scoring the sole hat-trick in a FIFA Women’s World Cup final during the 2015 match against Japan. Notably, this hat-trick stands alone as the only one achieved within regular time in any World Cup final, as men’s World Cup final hat-tricks have only been completed during extra time.

Hat-Tricks in FIFA Women's World Cups final

Complete List of Hat-Tricks in FIFA Women’s World Cups

1Carolina Morace Italy Chinese Taipei17 November 1991
2Michelle AkersUnited StatesChinese Taipei24 November 1991
3Carin JenningsUnited StatesGermany27 November 1991
4Kristin SandbergNorwayNigeria6 June 1995
5Ann Kristin AarønesNorwayCanada10 June 1995
6SissiBrazilMexico19 June 1999
7PretinhaBrazilMexico19 June 1999
8Sun WenChinaGhana23 June 1999
9Inka GringsGermanyMexico24 June 1999
10Mio OtaniJapanArgentina20 September 2003
11Birgit PrinzGermanyArgentina10 September 2007
12Sandra SmisekGermanyArgentina10 September 2007
13Ragnhild GulbrandsenNorwayGhana20 September 2007
14Homare SawaJapanMexico1 July 2011
15Celia ŠašićGermanyIvory Coast7 June 2015
16Anja MittagGermanyIvory Coast7 June 2015
17Gaëlle EnganamouitCameroonEcuador8 June 2015
18Fabienne HummSwitzerlandEcuador12 June 2015
19Ramona BachmannSwitzerlandEcuador12 June 2015
20Carli LloydUnited StatesJapan5 July 2015
21CristianeBrazilJamaica9 June 2019
22Alex MorganUnited StatesThailand11 June 2019
23Cristiana Girelli ItalyJamaica14 June 2019
24Sam KerrAustraliaJamaica18 June 2019
25Ary Borges BrazilPanama24 July 2023
26Sophie Román HaugNorwayPhilippines30 July 2023
27Kadidiatou DianiFrance Panama 2 August 2023

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