Women’s soccer has experienced a significant surge in popularity across various levels, leading top companies to prioritize the creation of specialized footwear for these athletes. Soccer cleats play a vital role in every player’s arsenal, providing comfort, stability, and optimal traction. Although some individuals may have yet to initially perceive a substantial distinction between men’s and women’s soccer cleats, there are notable differences. Today we will discuss the top recommendations for the seven best women’s soccer cleats to buy in 2023.

 These selections have been carefully chosen based on their performance, durability, and overall value. Whether you’re a professional player or a passionate amateur, these cleats are designed to elevate your game and give you the competitive edge you need. So, let’s explore these exceptional soccer cleats tailored to meet the specific needs of women players.

1. Adidas Performance Ace 15.4


Offering a contemporary performance design with a touch of classic aesthetics, the Adidas Performance Ace 15.4 deserves a prominent spot on any list. This soccer cleat excels in providing exceptional ball control and precise touch, making it suitable for players in any position. Moreover, its impressive durability ensures long-lasting performance throughout intense matches.

The Ace 15.4’s lightweight construction makes them ideal for players who want to move quickly on the field. The shoes are also very responsive, providing good feedback when you strike the ball. This makes them a good choice for players who want to be able to feel the ball well and make precise passes and shots.

The Ace 15.4’s soft synthetic upper provides good touch and control. This makes them a good choice for players who want to be able to feel the ball well and make precise passes and shots. The upper also provides a comfortable fit, which is important for players who want to play for long periods without feeling uncomfortable.

Despite its affordable price range, the Adidas Performance Ace 15.4 does not compromise on stability. While it may not incorporate the latest cutting-edge technologies found in other high-end cleats, it caters to those who prefer a reliable and straightforward option. The cleat’s simplicity is highly appreciated by many, as it delivers exactly what is expected. Its timeless appearance and snug fit make it a popular choice among players. For those seeking a versatile and dependable cleat, the Adidas Performance Ace 15.4 is the perfect companion on the field.


  • Very classic look
  • Upper allows for great control
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Good touch and control
  • Durable soleplate
  • Comfortable fit


  • Not as protective as some other football shoes
  • It can be a bit narrow for some people
  • It can get a little warm in hot conditions
  • Lacks top and durability

2. Adidas Goletto VII FG


The Adidas women’s Goletto VI FG soccer shoe is another budget-friendly option that deserves attention. Despite its simplistic design and absence of cutting-edge technology found in higher-end cleats, it remains a consistent top seller year after year, making it into the list of best women’s soccer cleats. Many individuals opt for this cleat for younger players or beginners, only to discover its impressive performance capabilities.

While these shoes may not claim extravagant features, the Adidas Goletto VI FG focuses on delivering essential qualities that matter to players in this price range. Comfort, versatility on various surfaces, aesthetic appeal, and injury prevention take precedence over flashy technologies.

Goletto VI FG is made from a soft synthetic upper that provides a comfortable fit, and the soleplate is made of a durable rubber that provides good traction.

One standout feature is the outsole, which excels in adverse weather conditions. This is particularly important as many cleats struggle to maintain performance in such situations. However, the Goletto VI FG showcases reliable traction and stability, ensuring players can confidently navigate different playing surfaces.

The Adidas women’s Goletto VI FG soccer cleats offer a straightforward and dependable setup, meeting the expectations of those seeking affordable options. Its ability to perform well, provide comfort, and withstand challenging conditions makes it a practical choice for players at all levels.


  • Timeless look and design
  • Affordable for all levels of player
  • Comfortable fit


  • Studs could be a bit better in wet conditions
  • Takes some time to break in



When it comes to top-end models from Adidas, the X 19.1 Firm Ground cleats emerge as a standout choice, offering exceptional performance across various player profiles. These cleats not only deliver functionality but also come in a wide array of vibrant colors, allowing players to make a striking statement on the pitch.

Adidas has dedicated significant technological advancements to the X 19.1 cleats, with one of the most noticeable features being their remarkably lightweight construction. The thin mesh upper contributes to the overall weight reduction and ensures optimal ventilation, keeping the foot cool in any playing conditions.

For players who prefer a locked-in feel and the agility associated with low-cut cleats, the X 19.1 excels in providing precisely that. With these cleats, players can accelerate swiftly when seizing opportunities while maintaining ample support and stability to mitigate the risk of potential injuries. The design incorporates comprehensive support throughout the foot, enhancing overall performance.

Moreover, Adidas continues to introduce new color options for the X 19.1, solidifying its position as one of the best choices on the pitch. Unless a player specifically desires a higher-cut shoe, this top-end option is highly recommended for those seeking unmatched performance and style.


  • Very thin, comfortable mesh upper
  • Keeps foot locked in
  • Multiple colors


  • Expensive and built for top-end players only
  • Not everyone is a fan of low-cut shoes

4. Nike Phantom Vision 2


The Nike Phantom Vision 2 stands out as a top-end model from Nike, available for both men and women. With women-specific options offering a snug fit and unique color choices, players can enjoy a performance-driven cleat without compromising quality.

Featuring a Flyknit upper and a mesh bootie system, the Phantom Vision 2 provides remarkable flexibility and overall comfort. Once worn, players will immediately notice its exceptional touch and how it molds to their feet after just a short playtime.

Many companies incorporate texture on the upper of their cleats to enhance ball touch and control, and Nike excels in this aspect. The Phantom Vision 2 is one of the best setups available, delivering a noticeable difference on the field. This feature showcases that a high-end cleat can provide that extra edge while maintaining its effectiveness over the lifespan of the cleats. Overall, it is an outstanding all-around soccer cleat suitable for various playing styles, catering to players who take the game seriously. The Nike Phantom Vision 2 features at number 4 in our list of 7 best women’s soccer cleats to buy in 2023.


  • Very comfortable fit right away
  • Target texture provides great touch and control
  • The foot feels locked in during the entire match


  • Some might not like the collar around the ankle
  • Not the best during poor weather conditions

5. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Pro FG


The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Pro FG is a highly regarded mid-tier option that offers excellent value for the investment. It allows players to experience some of Nike’s top technology while being priced at around half the cost of true top-end models.

Featuring a Flyknit upper and a one-piece lining, this cleat delivers a comfortable and supportive fit throughout the entire foot. Its durability ensures that the fit remains intact even after numerous matches. When properly laced, the Mercurial Superfly 7 Pro FG provides an extremely comfortable feel on the field.

This shoe performs admirably in various conditions, eliminating the need for multiple cleat investments for different scenarios. It is an ideal choice for high school players or those seeking high-quality soccer footwear without breaking the bank.

Although the texture on the upper is not overly aggressive, it still enhances overall touch and control. With its sleek appearance and impressive performance, the Mercurial Superfly 7 Pro FG stands out among the Nike cleat lineup. While Nike offers several cleats with similar fits, this particular model excels and sets itself apart.


  • Built for many different types of players
  • Value-priced for the technology
  • The consistent texture on the upper enhances touch and control


  • Limited colorways
  • Feels sluggish on dry pitches compared to others.

6. Puma Women’s EvoSpeed 4.2 FG


Puma offers a diverse range of soccer cleats for women; among them, the Puma Women’s Evo Speed 4.2 FG stands out as a popular model for its value. While it may not compete with the top-tier cleats available, it serves as a reliable choice for practice sessions or lower-level play.

Despite its affordable price, this cleat is remarkably lightweight and comfortable, making it a worthwhile option. While it requires a short break-in period, the leather material molds to the foot, providing players with a satisfying level of touch and feel.

The cleat has a low-profile design, which is advantageous for players who prefer a less bulky option. From the padded collar to the low-profile tongue, the cleat sits comfortably on the foot, offering precisely what players desire. It never feels cheap in terms of on-field performance.

In terms of aesthetics, the Puma Women’s Evo Speed 4.2 FG stands out from other cleats with its distinct color choices, which many shoppers appreciate. Despite its affordable price, it exudes a premium look and feel that can make a statement in any setting.

The Puma Women’s Evo Speed 4.2 FG provides excellent value for its price, offering lightweight comfort and reliable performance. It may not be the pinnacle of cleat technology, but it delivers on the expectations of players seeking a practical and stylish option.


  • Synthetic leather molds to the foot after time
  • Very lightweight, comfortable profile
  • Cleats operate well in all weather conditions


  • Takes a while to break-in
  • Sizing is tricky when shopping online

7. Diadora Women’s Maracana MD


When it comes to soccer brands beyond Nike and Adidas, Diadora is a prominent player on many pitches. While they offer a wide range of high-end options, they also excel in delivering reliable basics. One of their best-selling cleats is the Maracana MD, which combines simplicity with effective performance, catering to players of different skill levels.

The Maracana MD is particularly appealing to those seeking a functional cleat at an affordable price. Its simplicity overall is well-received by players who prioritize functionality. Made of 100% composition leather, it offers a comfortable fit. Additionally, the upper features a built-in control zone, enhancing passing and shooting precision for players.

While the color options for the Diadora Maracana MD are generally straightforward, they align with the preferences of many players who value functionality over flashy aesthetics. Diadora Maracana MD offers a commendable choice for those seeking a dependable and affordable cleat. Its simplicity and effective performance make it a worthwhile investment for players who value functionality and quality


  • Simple, effective design
  • 100% composition leather
  • The touch control zone works well


  • It might be a little heavier than what some people want
  • Does not last as long as more expensive options

Making the Final Decision

Among the best women’s soccer cleats mentioned above, it’s hard to overlook the Adidas X 19.1 FG. While they come with a higher price tag, there is little to dislike about these cleats. They provide everything a modern women’s soccer player could ask for, including a style specifically tailored for females.

It’s undeniable that having a top-quality pair of cleats requires a financial investment. As women’s soccer continues to gain prominence, players at the high school level and beyond will greatly benefit from these cleats. While there might be better choices for beginners, anyone else will find significant advantages. Investing in top-notch soccer cleats is a testament to a player’s commitment and dedication to the sport.

Here is the full list of the best soccer cleats for women

1.            Adidas Performance Ace 15.4

2.            Adidas Goletto VII FG

3.            Adidas X 19.1 Firm Ground (Editor’s Choice)

4.            Nike Phantom Vision 2

5.            Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Pro FG

6.            Puma Women’s Evospeed 4.2 FG

7.            Diadora Women’s Maracana MD



Determining the “best” soccer cleats is subjective and dependent on individual needs and preferences. With the diverse styles of play in the game today, the best footwear varies for each player.
That being said, several brands have established themselves as industry leaders over the years, including Nike, Adidas, Umbro, and others. These reputable manufacturers have gained global success by consistently delivering high-quality cleats.


The type of cleats you need will depend on your playing style and the surface you’ll be playing on. Soccer pitches can be categorized into various surfaces, and selecting cleats that enhance your performance on those specific surfaces is crucial.


There are five main types of soccer cleats for different surfaces: firm ground, soft ground, artificial grass, astroturf, and indoor courts. Additionally, there is a sixth type called multi-ground, designed to accommodate various combinations of these surfaces. For example, firm ground cleats are suitable for playing on frozen grass in winter, while soft ground cleats are ideal for wet grass. Indoor court cleats are designed for five-a-side matches in sports halls. Understanding the surface you’ll be playing on is key to selecting the appropriate cleats.

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