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Who is the Hottest Number 7 in Football? Ana Maria Markovic vs Alisha Lehmann

Most Beautiful Female Footballer-Ana Maria Markovic vs Alisha Lehmann

Ana Maria Markovic, a Croatian footballer known for her striking beauty, is gaining recognition as one of the most attractive number 7 players in the world of football. She currently plays as a forward for Grasshopper, a Swiss Women’s Super League club, and represents the Croatia national team. Markovic’s stunning looks have earned her a significant following on social media, making her a popular figure among female footballers.

Another footballer who has often been ranked among the most attractive players in the world is Alisha Lehmann. She is a Swiss forward, currently playing for Aston Villa in the English FA WSL and the Switzerland national team. Lehmann is also well-known for her good looks and appealing physique.

However, in recent months, Ana Maria Markovic seems to have surged ahead of Lehmann in the race for the title of the “hottest number 7 in football.” Numerous articles and videos have featured Markovic’s beauty, and her social media following continues to grow. Many fans now consider Markovic to be the most beautiful female footballer globally.

Ultimately, the title of the “hottest number 7 in football” is subjective and varies from person to person. Nevertheless, based on Markovic’s recent surge in popularity and acclaim, she is undeniably a strong contender for the coveted title.

Recent events seem to suggest that Alisha Lehmann may no longer hold the title of the “most beautiful female footballer in the world.” Ana Maria Markovic has made a compelling case for herself as the new frontrunner.

Markovic’s recent resurgence in the limelight comes after her recovery from a reported ACL injury sustained while playing for her club last season, as reported by the Daily Star. This week, the 23-year-old Croatian winger, widely recognized as one of the hottest female footballers globally, shared some snapshots from the Laganini Beach Club in Ciovo, Croatia.

Markovic, who boasts an impressive following of over 3 million on her Instagram page, flaunted a sizzling pink bikini in her post, simply captioned as “summer in pink.” The post quickly garnered reactions from fans, with many crowning her the “World’s most beautiful female footballer.”

Who is the Hottest Number 7 in Football? the "World’s most beautiful female footballer."

Comments poured in on her post, with one user writing, “Your natural beauty is something else.” Another admirer chimed in with, “Absolutely perfect from head to toe!” One fan even suggested, “You deserve a beauty pageant award ❤🌍,” while another simply exclaimed, “Beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful.”

Markovic’s post appears to have solidified her position as a frontrunner in the race for the title of the “world’s most beautiful footballer,” overtaking Alisha Lehmann, who had previously held that distinction. According to Pulse Sports, Lehmann is currently the most-followed female footballer on the planet, but Markovic’s recent rise to fame may be changing the landscape of football beauty rankings.

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