Top 10 Leading Goal-scorers in Women's International Football:

Top 10 Leading Goal-scorers in Women’s International Football:

Christine Sinclair has made history by becoming the all-time leading goal-scorer in international soccer, surpassing even Cristiano Ronaldo. With 190 goals for Canada, she has set a new benchmark for excellence. As we approach a football-filled 2023, including the Women’s World Cup, let’s explore the top 10 leading goal-scorers in women’s international football.

Top 10 Leading Goal-scorers in Women's International Football

The Leading Goal-Scorers in Women’s International Football

Top 10: leading goal-scorers in women’s international football
PositionPlayer NameCountryGoalsAppearances
1.Christine SinclairCanada190319
2.Abby WambachUSA184256
3.Mia HammUSA158275
4.Carli LloydUSA134316
5.Kristine LilyUSA130316
6.Brigit PrinzGermany128214
7.Myasa JbarahJordan124130
8.Alex MorganUSA121204
9.Julie FleetingScotland116121
Top 10 Leading Goal-scorers in Women's International Football

For Christine Sinclair, claiming the all-time leading goal-scorer record was a long-awaited achievement. In 2020, she sealed the deal with a goal during an Olympic qualifier, solidifying her place in history. With a career spanning over 22 years, Sinclair remains determined and intends to represent Canada in the upcoming Women’s World Cup (2023) and Olympic Games (2024).

Christine Sinclair has left an indelible mark by topping the goal-scoring charts with an impressive tally of 190 goals in 319 appearances for Canada. This surpasses the previous leader, Abby Wambach of the USA, who held the record with 184 goals.

The United States, known for their prowess in women’s football, has an astonishing six players in the top 15 goal-scorers, including Abby Wambach , Mia Hamm , Carli Lloyd, and Kristine Lily.


Who is the highest scoring female soccer?

Christine Sinclair is the highest goal scorer in women’s soccer with 190 goals for Canada.

Who is England women’s top scorer?

Ellen White is England Women’s leading goalscorer.

Who is USA womens top scorer?

Abby Wambach is the top goal scorer for USA with 184 goals.

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